Understand Your Constraints

2Whether it’s gravity for hover vehicles or light speed for warp drive, understanding the constraints around your project is critical. Many designers feel that constraints make them more creative by defining the boundaries they can challenge.

Our team had many constraints to consider. Our platform was a large 8 x 2.5-foot touch table that comfortably accommodated six people playing at one time, two on each side and one at each end. This great crowd-drawing feature posed significant design challenges. Text and game elements had to be within view of each player (not on the other side of the table) and oriented right side up. Our solution was to use six individual docks for the trivia games and to split the table into two teams for action games.
Unlike Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, our game was targeted primarily at non-gamers: highly educated doctors of the baby boom generation, who were not likely to be familiar with gaming conventions. Without the ability to use sound, we focused on intuitive swipe gestures and finely tuned visual metaphors to make the game simple but not belittling or trivial.

We also knew that we would have limited time and much competition to capture attendees’ attention in a conference setting. For this reason, we designed the experience to be both flashy and quick. Participants were given a branded card to log in that contained a booklet with more detailed explanations of trivia and action educational concepts. Finally, participant play time could not exceed five minutes.


8English is a fun language to learn (here are 9 reasons why it rocks), and even though it’s considered an accessible and relatively easy one to learn, with 750,000 words and spelling that can throw off even the most skilled learner, learning English fast can seem impossible. But I’m here to tell you that it isn’t – as long as you have the right strategy.

Take these 10 tips on how to learn English faster as your starting point and you’ll master this wonderful language in no time!

Classic literature, paperbacks, newspapers, websites, emails, your social media feed, cereal boxes: if it’s in English, read it. Why? Well, this content will be full of juicy new vocabulary, as well as a fair amount you already know. This helps you improve quickly, as re-exposure to learned vocabulary gives you new examples in context, therefore reinforcing those words in your mind. On the other hand, learning new words and expressions is essential to building your vocabulary arsenal, particularly in a language like English with so many words! However, don’t just read and move on – next, you’ve got to…

This tip is a classic one for good reason: it works! When learning, we often enjoy a new word of phrase so much that forgetting it seems impossible. But trust us, not everything sticks the first time. To fight this, get into the habit of carrying around a funky notebook or using a tool like Evernote. Whenever you hear or read a new word or expression, write it down in context: that is, in a sentence and with its meaning noted. This saves you time as you won’t return to that word and ask yourself: “What did that word/expression mean again?”

What is a language for if not to communicate? Sure, we humans have become experts at communicating without opening our mouths – thanks Whatsapp! – but when push comes to shove, it’s true that speaking a language helps it stick in your head far better than only reading or writing it. Just think of how many times you’ve heard people say that they “understand, but can’t speak English.” A lot of would-be English speakers have turned talking into a huge insurmountable barrier that only serves to psyche them out. Don’t be like that. Seek out native speakers for an informal language exchange, enroll in a course, or take classes online.

Like humor? Politics? Blogging? Cooking? With topics covering every interest imaginable, there’s an English-speaking podcast or Youtube channel out there for you. Subscribe to a few and listen while driving or watch during the commute to school or work. At first, you might find the native accents difficult, but stick with it and you’ll soon start to understand what you hear (as well as learning lots of new vocab from a native speaker!)

If there’s a better way to learn English than being immersed in it while living and studying in an English-speaking country, we’d love to know! It’s no secret that English is the most widely-spoken language in the world, and with a long list of countries to choose between, you can select your ideal learning environment based on hemisphere, weather, or favorite city. Think Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Canada, and South Africa to name a few!

Have friends who post online in English? Don’t gloss over them in your newsfeed: scan the items they share and commit to exploring one or two each day. They might be news or magazine articles, videos, talks, blog posts, songs, or anything else: if it’s in English and the topic interests you, it’s going to be helpful!

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it also propelled the language learner to fluency! As you learn English, you’ll soon collect a mountain of questions. Don’t sit on your doubts – be curious and resolve them! If you’re enrolled in a course, ask your teacher (it’s what they’re there for, after all). But if you’re learning alone, don’t worry: find answers in blogs or language websites, ask other learners, or read through forums. You’ll be happy you did!

Mix up your learning by picking a native English-speaking actor or singer you like. Now, head online, find a bunch of interviews they’ve given – and watch them! Watch once for gist, then again, taking time to note down interesting expressions and words you hear. The slang, stories, humor, and anecdotes that come out of these interview are sure to give you plenty to work with!

Your English studies are likely to go far more quickly if you constantly remind yourself of your motives for learning. Are you going on a study exchange? Then, focus on vocabulary related to your studies. Have an overseas conference? Brush up on conversation starters to use with the other participants. Going on a gap year? Looks like travel and tourism vocabulary will be your guide. If you simply launch into learning English hoping to magically learn anything and everything at once, you’re likely to end up confused and burned out. Which brings us to…

When you start to feel like you’re not making ground – which happens to all learners at some point – don’t say, “I don’t speak English,” or “I’ll never get this.” In fact, ban those phrases from your vocabulary! They only blur your understanding of the progress you’re making and convince you that your dreams of speaking English well are impossible. Instead, say “I’m learning English and making improvements everyday,” “It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it,” “I’m so much better that I was six months ago,” and other phrases to remind yourself of the big picture.

How to select jeans for women?

If you are looking for advice on jeans for women, then this article will be of great help to you. Overlying skinny jeans highlight all the plus points of the personality and figure of the wearer and it should be worn with skilfully chosen blouse or tunic and high heels finished image. Stylish jeans in the new season does not lose its relevance and they fit almost any shape and size of woman. Classic models flared jeans are in high demand as well. You can also consider other types of womens jeans that do not go out of style, such as Capri and Jeans style Retro.

Those who follow the fashion and wants to be the centre of attention, do not pass by jeans made by the liquid metal and jeans with a metallic sheen. Stylish women jeans which are popular this season are made from materials resembling to the colour of the skin of reptiles such as crocodile and snake . Home Accessories for jeans is a strap that is also not left without design changes. Perform belts from different materials such as suede and leather. Many designers have gone further, and twisted the two materials. Decorate twisted and twisted straps different rhinestones, pearls, precious stones, rocks. Belt is the final touch to denim apparel. Although some well-known designers are no longer interested in such material, these jeans still enjoys great demand and popularity among the fair sex. Not a single article of clothing so often unable to rescue the girl in all situations, such as jeans.

So what jeans are relevant in this season? The favourites are no longer single-season skinny jeans, because they attract the attention of the opposite sex, since they cover all tight curves of the female figure. Owners slender legs and slim build skinny jeans are ideal that can not be said about the fuller girls, as in this case, they only emphasize the shortcomings Flared jeans are still on the pages of the famous fashion magazines, despite the fact that fashion tend to change. The popularity of this model is directly linked with the skills of balancing the female figure. Women of any age can safely wear them. And once again on the podium jeans with holes and gaps that are incredibly popular for several years. In the autumn season you should prefer trousers with worn effect and scrapes. All the shades of blue and tones as burgundy, purple, khaki are in trends these days.

How to choose the jeans? In order to buy stylish and trendy jeans that will always contribute to the good mood and please your eyes, follow these simple guidelines. Tight pants model should not be interested owners of magnificent forms with wide hips. To focus on the buttocks can be using jeans with pockets. Women figure can be exposed closely with direct cut jeans and they should be avoided. Do not hide themselves in ridiculous baggy pants that can only underline the shortcomings of your figure. For more details and ideas on jeans please visit northernreflections.com stores.

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